Sharing Extraordinary Stories

We create compelling films that celebrate diversity and record the extraordinary in our everyday lives.

What drives us to do this?

Now more than ever, we must lift up and celebrate the accomplishments of underrepresented communities. We’re optimists, and we believe we can increase tolerance through filmmaking. By celebrating the diversity of our global culture and heritage through films, we forge connections, foster empathy, educate and inspire both awareness now and with future generations.

Who We Are

As a 501 (C) 3 non-profit organization, Explore Their Stories develops films that celebrate diversity and document the extraordinary in our everyday lives.

Our films endeavor to restore pride, minimize prejudice, and broaden horizons. We seek to act as a multiplier for social change by stimulating a discussion of these topics among students, creatives, activists, global agencies, and beyond.

Our films are produced to be screened at film festivals, through educational programs, at art institutions, in theaters and online.


The Silences of My Life.

This is the story of Bapsi Sidhwa, the eminent Zoroastrian writer who overcame a lonely and painful childhood scarred with illness to become an internationally acclaimed novelist.One of the first women writers to write in English from the Indian subcontinent, Bapsi’s life takes us across thousands of miles, between continents and cultures from South Asia to the United States -- and touches us personally. Her story also lifts a curtain on the almost extinct and hidden community, the Zoroastrians. Bapsi Sidhwa’s writing, work, and life story will delight and inspire.

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