Our mission is to inspire and educate en masse through films towards just societies.

About us

As a 501 (C) 3 non-profit organization, Explore Their Stories creates compelling films that celebrate diversity and record the extraordinary in our everyday lives.


Our films endeavor to restore pride, minimize prejudice, and broaden horizons. We seek to act as a multiplier for social change by stimulating a discussion of these topics among students, creatives, activists, global agencies, and beyond.


Our films are produced to be screened at film festivals, through educational programs, at art institutions, in theaters and online.


By archiving and sharing our global culture, we enrich lives, forge connections, foster empathy, educate, inspire, and ensure understanding and awareness now and for future generations.


Will be held at libraries, educational institutes, community centers and on the world wide web. The mission is to share narratives that will educate and inspire youth and establish cohesive communities.

Efficient Use

We will produce, high quality cost conscious films. As a non profit organization we strive to use our supporters contributions in the most effective and efficient of manners.

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